Joanne’s Story

field300Joanne came across complimentary care in the early nineties when her children were small had asthmatic difficulties.  She was introduced to the old stand-by, eucalyptus oil.  She never looked back.  Joanne began a quest for knowledge which has lasted 25 years during which time she has explored all aspects of phytotherapy.

In 2008 Joanne became independent and relying on intuition, followed up on a job opportunity which took her from the city of Fredericton, New Brunswick to its beautiful northern shores and Camp Chaleur where she became manager.  Shortly thereafter she and her employer fell in love and built a permanent residence there together.

During the past five years Joanne has found a beautiful peace and renewal which has prompted her to study and write her CFA certificate and become an holistic aromatheraputic practitioner which she completed in October, 2013. She has gone on to complete her Certified Clinical Master of Aromatherapy in March, 2015. During this time she has also become a Registered Certified Reflexology Therapist, a Reiki Master and has completed The Skin Care Series from Robert Tisserand.

When she is not researching and studying Joanne and her partner work at ecologically restoring the property they are privileged to own and holding spiritual and holistic health retreats there. This simple living retreat can be seen by searching Camp Chaleur Wellness on Facebook and Google.

Recently Joanne has begun to focus on palliative and geriatric care as she has seen the effectiveness of complimentary care in the European health community. The belief that this sort of care can lead to more dignity and a better quality of life in end of life care has driven her to specialize in the techniques used in Europe. Not only does she assist the patient, Joanne extends her care to the care-givers and families to help them in this difficult time by stress therapy and grief assistance.