What living without running water for three and a half months has taught me.

Around the beginning of February we had to shut our water off. The harsh Atlantic winter had taken it’s toll on our water lines and left us with a gusher in the yard. With six and half feet of snow at that point and another six or seven we could predict, we thought it best […]

Hemp ‘Scents’

I cannot drink milk. Therefore, I cannot have alfredo sauce. This has lead me on a quest. A quest that has been about a year and a half long. Milk, for me, is an enemy. It cause agonizing pain and horrible skin issues. The reason for this, I believe, is a lactose intolerance and an […]


Odourata would like to announce the launch of her newly developed Chakra Oil Collection. It comes complete with one oil for each of the seven chakras and one bonus oil which is a balancing harmonious oil for them all. This collection has been in development for the past year with the consultation of shamans and […]