The feasting season has ended. Now we have to deal with the leftovers.

It’s a little like life.

When we are young we have cupboards that are filled with wonderful, delicious dishes. All the food of our life is rampant with a rainbow of colour and a full spectrum of texture. Smells, sights, everything is delicious. As we grow we consume little bits of all of the different delectables doled out to us by the Universe. Nibble by nibble our pantries have a little more space so we acquire new soulful stock for our shelves. It is an ongoing trip to the Universe’s market. Where do you get your nourishment from? Is it organic, pesticide free? Is it junk food?

What do you do with your leftovers? We all have leftovers from the banquet of life. Small amounts of food that have sat out too long and gone stale, curdled in the sink, dried out. What do we do? Some we need to throw away and others we need to wrap and freeze. We need to keep them because we can use them again. Stale, dried out ingredients can be combined with the fresh and made into soup or stew. Nice, hearty, warm meals that we can share with unexpected company or passers by to keep out the cold. We can create yogurts from the curdled things, add berries and make ourselves breakfast. Those slices of roast beast that have dried out can be covered in savoury sauce and made into spiritual sandwiches to be served on a platter to guests who call us unexpectedly to potluck.

My favourite are the leftover desserts. The pies and cakes and squares and candies that can be wrapped tenderly and stored until we can use them to create a whole new sweet sensation for someone’s spiritual palette.

As we finish our celebrations remember to keep your leftovers. Wrap them well and store them for you never know when you will need to serve a special dish to someone. This way you will always be able to contribute generously to the banquet of life. Remember also to keep a few of those leftovers for yourself. You may, one day, need to pull them out of storage and use them to nourish your own souls hunger once again.

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