Whatever the Weather

The mind in its natural state can be compared to the sky, covered by layers of cloud which can hide it’s true nature.

Kalu Rinpoche


I recently had an experience which showed me how true this really is. We, as humans, walk through our lives as though they were a cloudy and overcast day. I see this all of the time and I am guilty of it myself. We think we are sunny and beaming but in actual fact there are different degrees of cloud cover. Clouds of worry, anger, pain, guilt, shame, envy and all of those negative states of being that keep the sun just hidden behind the clouds. Some people are even foggy. How do we remove this cloud cover from our minds? Nature teaches us wondrous skills. Wind. Blow it all away. I do not know how I came to begin this exercise. It was not something I learned on Facebook or read in a self help book, it was just given to me one morning.

I am fortunate enough to be able to meditate in private on a point looking out over the sea. I can see the entire sea. But you do not need an beautiful place for you create your own weather in your own mind in whatever location you are. When you are doing your mindful breathing just blow. Be the wind and blow the negative weather of your soul into sunny days for all of those around you. When you breath in, bring into yourself loving morning dew and scents of flowers. In your third eye see the sparkle of the sun on the crystal droplets which glitter on the ground. We also need to remember though that a little rain cn help those beautiful flowers grow so don’t blow yourself into a drought (more on that aspect later).

This is a good morning meditation. Especially if you are anticipating a hectic day with unruly energies clouding your skies. Bring in your own weather for the day. Sometimes we need a little help. As the day goes on the clouds roll in. My favourite thing to do when this happens is the old peel a citrus trick. Peel an orange or other citrus fruit and hold the peel to your nose and inhale deeply. You will be filled with passionate sunshine. There are specific blends of essential oils that can be made just for your own troubles. A sort of umbrella, if you like. For each of us has our own weather and our own clouds.

I hope your day is sunny and bright and that you have fair breezes all the day long.


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