Full holistic complimentary care services. Odourata specializes in complimentary palliative and geriatric care as defined in the European system of health applications. We are slso specializing in an holistic approach to treatment. We strive to improve your well-being through an holistic system of treatment eventually leading you to be able to manage on your own. Our goal is for you to not need us anymore.

A full range of health and beauty products specifically designed for you.  None of Odouratas products are made ahead of time.  We do not believe that across the board treatment is effective. Each patient is treated individually with his/her own products designed specifically for them in accordance with their own needs and catering to their individual safety issues (medications, allergies, age). Therefore each patient must complete an admittance form. This can be done by distance, over the telephone. Odourata has patients all over the world.

Full holistic weekend getaways.  A weekend in which you can relax, unwind and learn a more holistic and mindful approach to your lifestyle. Complete with essential-reflex therapy as well as energetic cleansing at our simple retreat on the shores of the beautiful Bay of Chaleur. This includes counseling in mindful eating and living and attitude changing philosophies which you can take home with you to utilize in your daily life.

In-home treatments are available locally (within the New Brunswick area/conditions to be determined) and can include: Essential-reflex therapy, palliative and geriatric treatments as well as a complete system of stress releasing applications. Please visit our Facebook page for more information.

Workshops and aromatherapy information sessions to groups.  These are designed to the specific needs of the group, i. e. What holistic area you would like to explore and can include essential oil education, holistic living, palliative and complimentary care alternatives for patients and their families.

All prices of products and services are determined individually.  Types of services, availability and costs of supplies vary from year to year and the need for individual service will determine the price range. 

For more information and pricing, click here to contact me.