"I felt like a goddess after receiving a full body massage and facial. Joanneā€™s selection and blend of essential oils, and massage technique are a most enjoyable and relaxing experience.

I've also had a reflexolgy treatment and would recommend her services to anyone considering holistic healing."

- Jaqueline

"I've had a few massages by Joanne, and a facial as well. My response to the massages was first - while being massaged, I was absolutely relaxed - nearly asleep. After, however, I was completely energized - could have taken on the world!

The experience is decadent - full body massage and incredible-smelling combinations of essential oils. The facial was a new experience, and I loved every second. Despite having quite oily skin there was no residual oiliness or breakouts and my skin looked and felt better than it has in 20 years. I recommend Iam Odourata to EVERYONE!"

- Nikki McElman-Doucette

"A massage performed by Joanne Smith is definitely a professional job well done. She has a way of moving just the tips of her fingers over my entire body that results in me feeling very calm and serene.

The oils enhance the massage greatly thus allowing me to become energized and ready to continue my daily tasks."

- John Macdonald

"I've enjoyed the services of Odourata Aromatics several times now. I've had multiple aromatherapy massages which always leave me feeling relaxed and refreshed. I've also enjoyed a facial which left my skin feeling clean and tight, almost as if I'd had a facelift.

I recently began exhibiting signs of menopause, mostly hot flashes at bedtime and through the night. I consulted Joanne and she created a hormone blend that I put in a diffuser and run over night while I sleep. I was experiencing waking up several times per night due to these hot flashes. Since I started using her blend I've noticed a significant decrease in how often a night I wake up and have even enjoyed several nights where I didn't wake at all until the alarm the next morning. This has improved my quality of life!

Joanne creates blends specific to each client and is extremely knowledgeable about her craft. She offers treatments for many different issues. For me personally, she has made a sinus blend, a hormone blend, a muscle rub, body oil and a hair treatment.

I train hard in the gym several days a week and after a hard workout and a hot bath I enjoy using the muscle rub. My muscles are not as sore the next day as they normally would be. I've tried it both ways to be sure.
When my sinuses act up (I'm prone to sinus infections), I use the sinus blend in the diffuser over night (instead of using the hormone blend) and wake up breathing easier and headache free.

I suffer with dry skin, especially in the winter months. The body oil nourishes my skin and leaves me feeling relaxed, knowing I won't be scratching throughout the day.
And finally, I wanted to get away from commercial hair products. Joanne created a hair treatment that leaves my hair feeling healthy and glowing.

I will be heading south on a holiday in a few months, and Joanne is going to create a sunblock for me to use. I'm looking forward to testing this and bringing back my experiences to share with her.

I have had fantastic results with all of her treatments and blends to date. She exudes a calm professional demeanor when working with a client and uses only the best quality certified organic oils in her products. Her love of what she does shows in her attitude and attentiveness to her clients. I'd recommend Odourata Aromatics to any one seeking the services of an aromatherapist."

- Darlene Ryan

"I enjoy the massages as it calms me. The fragrance of the oils and the gentle massaging makes me feel serene and just very relaxed. After the treatment I feel energized and raring to face the world."

- Shelly M.